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Toll Brothers Apartment Living takes multifamily development to the next level.

A good developer meticulously minds day-to-day processes; a great developer never loses sight of the big picture. We apply our diligence and expertise to all aspects of every development phase to be sure nothing is overlooked.

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Process and Due Diligence

Our collaborative, team-based approach to development leverages the diverse experience of our local and national groups. Our process ensures their collective areas of expertise integrate seamlessly so that the communities we build for our partners and investors exceed expectations. From mitigating risk to maintaining feasible schedules to executing to the highest standards of quality and efficiency, we have every detail covered.

Pre-Development and Entitlements

Toll Brothers Apartment Living has assembled teams with extensive experience in the markets they serve. Their knowledge includes processes and requirements specific to achieving necessary local entitlements. Their relationships, from local government officials to engineers, enable them to smoothly guide projects through each phase while helping to avoid many of the pitfalls that could otherwise delay or derail an initiative. Our local teams are backed by the resources of a well-respected national brand, abundant capital and proven organizational infrastructure.

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Design, Planning and Construction

Our teams are equipped with the diverse skill sets required to execute a variety of construction types, from wood-frame to high-rise structures. With each project, we conduct thorough hands-on reviews and perform meticulous refinements across all aspects of design and construction. Our project management and construction teams maintain an onsite presence, upholding our high standards by monitoring and guiding contractors and subcontractors. This involved and detailed approach proves invaluable to property owners’ ability to manage risk and expect the greatest short- and long-term value.

Lease-Up and Ongoing Support

Because we manage the process from design to construction to lease-up, the transition to property management is smooth. The familiarity within our groups helps facilitate communication between each party, ensures the attention to detail necessary in preparing a property for occupancy and empowers marketing and sales efforts. Our development team continues to be a resource to the property management organization, assisting with issues that may arise with the asset. This support is made available throughout the ownership lifecycle to help maintain the integrity of the brand and set it up for long-term success.

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